Major hedge fund invested in Boomstarter blockchain platform


Major hedge fund invested in Boomstarter blockchain platform

Blockchain platform for financing startups Boomstarter.Network attracted investments from hedge fund DTI, which participated in the token sale of the Telegram messenger.

DTI is a large hedge fund specializing in investments in high-tech projects. In 2018, the fund expanded its portfolio by investing in the Telegram ICO and the Dropbox cloud storage IPO. The next on this list was a blockchain project based on the Russian crowdfunding platform Boomstarter..

According to Alexander Butmanov, managing partner of DTI, the development of this area around the world is constrained by excessive regulation, and Boomstarter.Network will be able to use its six years of experience in the field of generating sales for start-up companies, helping to enter the global market..

Blockchain platform Boomstarter.Network allows startups from any country to raise funding by selling pre-orders for innovative products at the development stage. At the same time, sponsors receive discounts on the product and the opportunity to be one of the first to receive it. Popular cryptocurrencies will be used for payment. Ethereum smart contracts make the process automated, providing fast transfers of funds and no regulatory restrictions. In 2017, the crowdfunding market grew by almost 50%, which indicates further prospects for its development..

Major hedge fund invested in Boomstarter blockchain platform

In addition, the blockchain platform is ready to support a startup even without available funds. Boomstarter.Network offers tools for mining coins on PC. For this, a pool is formed, which significantly increases the efficiency of production. According to the rules, you can even keep a part of the cryptocurrency for yourself.

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text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Visual Hunt

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