Chinese drone tank teaches children programming and robotics


Chinese robotics manufacturer DJI will give kids outside of China the feel of being part of the prestigious RoboMasters competition, with the finale gaining over 1 million views on live Twitch streams and a $ 75,000 first place prize.

DJI has been organizing a large-scale competition for 5 years. To popularize DJI technology, the company has launched a new S1 robot tank for sale in Europe, the USA and Japan, which even children can assemble. S1 cost − $ 499. The machine is delivered unassembled, so you need to try over the assembly by studying video tutorials on programming for children in Python or Scratch 3.0. Project manager Shuo Yang hopes robotics will become a true sport on par with football or basketball.

Chinese drone tank teaches children programming and robotics

The DJI S1 is equipped with one 120-degree camera, remote control, 31 sensors, and is controlled and encoded using a mobile app. The platform can recognize and respond to gestures, sounds, or track objects using computer vision. Children are greatly interested in the ability of S1 to shoot gel balls and lasers, while feeling like real participants in a competition in which their ward must get into a place illuminated by an LED on the opponent’s robot. Virtually every element of a toy tank can be programmed, including wheel torque, dodging in combat, or scanning the surrounding area.

Such a toy may be more interesting and useful than the fastest Xbox in the world..

Gravitas: In China, toddlers learn how to code

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Chinese drone tank teaches children programming and robotics

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