Bitcoin turns out to be the favorite coin of hackers from Russia


Over the past four years, cryptocurrency users have been trying to evade accusations that the anonymity of transactions is a direct threat to society. The prosecution has enough evidence that digital money really does play an important role in cases that need to be circumvented..

IN A recent investigation by Russiagate revealed statistics according to which bitcoin is the main currency of Russian hackers, they are accused of interfering in the presidential elections and in a number of other cases. The names and charges were published in official act.

It is noteworthy that, despite the virtual lack of anonymity of bitcoin, netizens have found an alternative solution to the problem. For this, special sites are used. — mixers. Their task is to replace the real address with another. It happens as follows: a user who wants to create a completely anonymous transaction sends the required amount to the mixer address. The mixer, in turn (for a small commission, of course), forwards the transaction from its internal address. The result is the following: the addressee receives the full amount of funds, the sender remains completely anonymous. However, according to the investigation, the US intelligence services still managed to figure out the names of some, in their opinion, involved in the illegal actions of individuals. Accordingly, the efforts of hackers to create anonymity on the Internet were in vain..

On other news from America: New York State wants to interest miners.

How Hackers Steal Your Crypto Without You Knowing… And How to Prevent it. – George Levy

Bitcoin turns out to be the favorite coin of hackers from Russia

text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: Pornsawan Sangmanee / 123RF

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