Apple patents a stationary PC with a one-piece curved glass case


Apple has filed a patent for a new desktop design with a curved sheet of glass on the main body.

According to description, the computing device is divided into three main areas. The upper part of the case has a dedicated slot for the display, the center of the lower part is for the keyboard or other input devices, and a transitional curved part is needed to support and connect the first two. Additionally, a support structure is provided that connects to the glass elements and ensures their stability.

The components responsible for data processing can be located both inside the housing itself and in the rear support structure. In the patent, the company is also considering a configuration with the ability to adjust the angle of the display or even completely close the system..

The case should be transparent, but not necessarily glass, as options with touch controls and a slide-out keyboard are being considered. The option of connecting the system to a laptop is not excluded, instead of a full-fledged computer.

Despite the patent pending, you shouldn’t expect Apple to release a PC with a similar design any time soon, if at all. Nevertheless, the development shows one of the directions of design and the willingness of the company to change kind of stationary computers, if it will be more user-friendly.

Apple files patent for iMac made from a single piece of curved glass

Previously Apple also filed a patent application for touch keyboard that can be physically feel.

Apple patents a stationary PC with a one-piece curved glass case

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Apple / USPTO

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