AI robot paints a lunar landscape in traditional Chinese style


Hong Kong artist Victor Wong programmed a robot’s artificial intelligence to paint Chinese-style paintings and now sells his work for $ 13,000.

The Chinese man spent three years on the development of the robot and called it rather succinctly – A.I. Gemini. The peculiarity of the digital artist’s work is that 3D images of the dark side of the moon collected by the Chanzhe-4 lunar rover were used as a landscape for the initial data..

Traditional Chinese landscape painting uses xuan rice paper to add authenticity to the painting technique. In addition, Wong taught AI the ancient Chinese style of drawing Shuimo, which involves the use of black ink and water..

The combination of a lunar landscape from space, an artificial intelligence robot artist and Chinese drawing paper allows A.I. Gemini to exhibit in London and claim about £10000. Wong admits that he is pleased with the student and considers his work to be a real art..

It is possible that in the near future robots will be able to broadcast their creativity on screens of a new generation from nanocomposite polymers.

AI Robot paints its own moonscapes in traditional Chinese style

text: Ilya Bauer, photo:

AI robot paints a lunar landscape in traditional Chinese style

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