Adidas 3D prints shoes


Adidas plans to release 100,000 pairs of shoes by the end of this year with 3D-printed soles from startup Carbon.

James Carnes, vice president of strategic brand development for the company, also said they have an ambitious plan to further grow volumes and establish themselves as the world’s largest manufacturer of 3D printed products. Joseph de Simon, CEO of Carbon, says Adidas will have enough equipment to launch a million pairs of 3D sneakers by Q3 2018.

Adidas 3D prints shoes

Sample printed sneaker

Adidas 3D prints shoes

Company representatives declined to say when and where the first 100,000 pairs of printed shoes will be distributed next year. In January 2018, a small trial batch of Futurecraft 4D was sold for $ 300 in select New York stores, but then they were resold several times in online auctions..

Experts say that the applied Digital Light Synthesis technology uses oxygen and light to form the model, without generating harmful waste, and the design is configured remotely. This could potentially lead Adidas to scan in-store consumers to create personalized footwear..

This Is Adidas’ First Mass Market 3D-Printed Shoe

Recall that a 3D printer has printed sensors on human skin.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Shutterstock 

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