2578 ETH were stolen from a startup


2578 ETH were stolen from a startup

The new victim of the hacker is the crypto company Taylor, which is developing a smart assistant for trading virtual currency. As a result of the hack, the scammer stole 2,578 ETH received from investors during the ICO, and part of the platform tokens (TAY).

The total value of the stolen ether is approximately $ 1.4 million at current exchange rates. Experts claim that «handwriting» the hacker resembles the CypherumChain hack, as a result of which 17,000 ETH were stolen. Other attacks are attributed to him, and the total production is estimated at 48,440 ether coins ($ 26 million).

After the hack, the creators of the project noticed an attempt at a large sale of their tokens on IDEX, so they asked the exchange to suspend any operations with TAY pending the completion of the proceedings. Taylor promises to reimburse all losses to users of the platform. The founder of the project, Fabio Sikas, took the attack very seriously and says that he already knows where the stolen funds are and will turn to professionals to determine the identity of the hacker..

Recall that, according to the researcher, a 51% attack can bring up to 2000% of the profit..

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2578 ETH were stolen from a startup

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Burst 

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